We know that every home and office is different, so it makes sense that every heating solution is going to be different too!

That's why we offer a range of systems.
We recommend and stock Toshiba, Carrier and Mitsubishi heat pumps but can install any heat pump required.

What are Split Systems?

Split Systems are one of the most common forms of air conditioners, and are efficient at heating or cooling one room. They can also filter the dust from the air in your home, and some can reduce humidity too. A split system is an air conditioner and heater in one, and there are many different models on the market.
What is ducted heating?

It's a system that involves installing a series of ducts into the rooms in your home. Good system to heat your whole house. Improved room aesthetic, with its unobtrusive presence High static pressure: can be raised as high as 200Pa, so that all areas of the room can be reached for even temperature distribution, no matter how complex the layout
Heat Pump cleaning will ensure optimum performance from your heat pump prolonging life span and saving energy consumption
What we do
• Clean and disinfect the systems coils (inside and out)
• Clean indoor and outdoor units
• Check and clean drain pipe or condensate pump if fitted
• Check electrical systems
• Check gas levels
• Check systems fault diagnostics
• Check temperature readings
• Check for any abnormal noise or signs of deterioration
• Advise customer if a potential problem exists

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