Ventilation Systems Designed for Southland and Otago conditions
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Benefits for all seasons.

The most advanced Ventilation system on the market for controlling condensation, enjoy a fresher drier healthier home. Save money on heating as a drier home is cheaper and easier to heat.

Modular design means heat transfer; summer Ventilation and pure air module can be added Systems to suit all homes even those with no roof cavity.

Eliminating moisture, condensation, mould and mildew.

German ruck fans, NZ made electronics and 5 year warranty. Requires annual filter change
A quantum leap forward in delivering energy efficient Ventilation.

The ultra-efficient aluminium plate heat exchanger captures up to 90% of the heat you have already paid for and returns it to the home by warming the inbound fresh air.

Eliminating moisture, condensation, mould and mildew.

German Etaline fans, NZ made electronics and 5 year warranty , requires annual filter change Luxurious hydra master in slab heating

Heating the concrete slab with pipes circulating hot water providing extraordinary comfort integrated with your Moisture Master Heat recovery Ventilation system.
If your primary heat source is a log burner, flued gas heater, pellet fire or multi fuel burner the excess heat produced can be efficiently transferred to colder bedrooms during winter.

This is an excellent cost effective use of otherwise wasted heat. The benefit is a toasty warm home.

2 year warranty – requires a filter to be changed annually.

FFH Ventilation System – no roof cavity required

LCD and LED Control panels

In Line heater – To take the chill of incoming air from the roof cavity

Pure air module – Sterilizing bacteria’s and pollens
For fresher air – Low grade ozone

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