Showerdomes – a Better Way to Deal with Bathroom Steam

Your shower inevitably produces steam. Unless you keep a window open or use an extractor fan, this steam will cause damage to your bathroom. This is because the steam turns to moisture which leads to a build-up of mould and mildew.

This looks terrible and can be expensive to put right, plus it is unhealthy. In addition, steam is inconvenient, creating more cleaning work in the bathroom and making your mirrors impossible to use immediately after a shower.

Showerdomes are the innovative answer as they prevent steam and moisture from escaping while your shower is in use. In other words, a Showerdome will keep moisture where it belongs – in the shower.

Plus, unlike an extractor fan, once a Showerdome is installed, there are no running costs.

In addition, this simple yet innovative Kiwi invention will not damage the aesthetics of your bathroom as Showerdomes are stylishly designed. They are easy to install too, and there are options for all shapes and sizes of shower unit.

Benefits of Showerdomes

  • No steam in the bathroom, keeping your mirrors clear
  • No mould or mildew build up on surfaces, walls, or ceilings
  • An extractor fan is not required when you have a Showerdome installed saving you money on energy use
  • No condensation build-up
  • Keeps your shower warm
  • Makes it easier to clean your shower and bathroom
  • Ensures cosy and warm showers every time

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