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A Moisture Master Ventilation system from Southland Home Ventilation will ensure your home stays comfortable and healthy. We are exclusive agents for Moisture Master Ventilation, so all members of our team are highly trained on all products from this leading manufacturer.

Forced Air Ventilation

Get a tailored solution for your home with a forced air ventilation system, the most advanced ventilation system available. It effectively reduces condensation, moisture, mildew, and mould in your home, making it drier, healthier, and more comfortable to live in. You will also save money as dry homes are easier to heat.

Forced ventilation systems are suitable for all property types, including if your home doesn’t have a roof cavity. Plus, it is a modularised system, allowing for bespoke design and making it possible for you to add to the system at a later date.

You’ll get a five-year warranty with a Moisture Master Ventilation system too – find out more today.

HX Heat Exchanger

A HX heat exchanger system from Moisture Master Ventilation is a highly energy efficient way to ventilate your home. It uses an efficient aluminium plate heat exchanger that captures 90 percent of the heat in your home. This is then used to heat incoming air.

As well as being energy efficient, it is also highly effective at eliminating dampness from condensation and moisture, as well mould and mildew. In addition, these systems also come with a five-year warranty.

For the best results and most comfortable home possible, you should add Hydra Master In-Slab Heating.

Heat Transfer

A heat transfer system from Moisture Master Ventilation is suitable if you have a primary heat source such as a flued gas heater, log burner, multi-fuel burner, or pellet fire. All these primary heat sources produce excess heat that often goes to waste.

This Moisture Master Ventilation system uses this excess heat, however, to heat colder rooms of your house, making it a cost-effective multi-room heating solution. It comes with a two-year warranty.

Optional Extras Available

  • FFH ventilation system suitable for homes with no roof cavity
  • In line heaters to warm air entering your home via the roof cavity
  • LCD control panels
  • LED control panels
  • Pure air module for sterilising bacteria and pollen

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