Essential Tips for Preventing Mould in Your Home

Preventing Mould in Home

Mould occurs in your home when the air inside is moist.

This happens when there isn’t a good flow of air to continuously remove moist air and replace it with fresh air. This leads to condensation – droplets of water on surfaces that are colder than the air around them. This quickly turns into mould.

Mould looks horrible but there are health implications too. Of course, there are things you can do if mould has built up already, but the best approach is to prevent mould appearing in the first place.

This primarily involves reducing moisture build-up and improving the flow of air. Here are our tips.

Open Windows and Doors

This is the simplest solution. By opening external doors and windows, you will encourage air to flow through the house, removing moisture.

Install a Ventilation System

While the above point works, modern living means it is not always possible to open the doors and windows in your home. What happens when you are at work or asleep at night, for example? In reality, there is usually a very small number of hours a week that you can feasibly open the doors and windows. These are usually the times when you are in the house, so there is a comfort factor to consider too.

The solution is to install a modern ventilation system. This does the same job as opening the windows and doors but doesn’t compromise the security or comfort of your home.

Dry Clothes Outside

Drying clothes inside can increase the moisture in the air by 30 percent. This is logical – after all, the water on the clothes has to go somewhere. So, in addition to ensuring you ventilate your home, make sure you avoid drying clothes inside too.

Dry Everything That’s Wet Immediately

Another way of keeping moisture in the air in your home to a minimum is to keep everything dry. This means cleaning up spills and leaks as quickly as possible. You should be careful with wet items of clothing like a coat that you have just taken off after coming in from the rain. Items like this have a similar impact as drying laundry inside.

Keep Doors Open

While you need to bring air in from outside your house, it can also help to keep internal doors open. This lets the air flow from room to room.

Keep the Bathroom Door Closed

There are exceptions to the point above – in the bathroom and kitchen. You should ensure your bathroom is well ventilated when you shower, but it is also important to keep the door closed. This will prevent steam from the shower escaping into other rooms of the house where it can cause damage. The same applies to the kitchen when cooking.

Arrange Your Furniture with Mould in Mind

Where you place your furniture can also have an impact on whether mould appears in your house. For example, you are more likely to get mould behind a wardrobe that is up against an external wall than an internal one. This is because the external wall will be colder. In addition, make sure your furniture is pulled out about 5cm from the wall to let air flow behind.

It is cheaper, less hassle, and healthier to prevent mould from building up in the first place. By following these tips, you will stop mould appearing.

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